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*EDIT: Here are the winners!
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.56.11 AM by berrysquid       Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.54.26 AM by berrysquid
Congrats to @/SiestaYonJyuGo (Twitter) and ShiyumiChan !!! I will be notifying the two of you for your prizes <3
Once again, thank you all for your participation -- I hope to host more raffles in the future (but without a catch xD) so please look forward to that!
(for those who want to verify, the entries list is linked below~)

**EDIT: The raffle is closed! Make sure to check the entries list and see if you're there; I'll be posting the winners tomorrow!
Thank you so much to those who participated; it helps me a lot!!!


I have a project to do for biology that involves a survey, and since everyone at my school is competing for people to ask (survival of the fittest, aha), I've decided to branch out to you guys. It just so happened to coincide with my hitting 400 watchers here (YAY) so I decided to make this an opportunity for everyone supporting to get something as well~!


Please list all of the tasks below that you have completed in your comment!
Do NOT submit the survey twice; you can feel free to edit your original response though~

I will NOT receive any personal information on you; only your response to the survey.
PLEASE actually put your username at the end; I can't enter you if I don't know for sure that you filled the survey out!
Your name will not be released to anyone or posted with the stats; I will be the only one who sees your username.

REQUIRED (1 entry):

- be a watcher of mine (new watchers are welcome)
- favorite this journal
- take the survey here (put your username at the end):
- comment that you have entered below!
**note: if the survey does not pertain to you, feel free to ask the people around you! Friends, family, whoever --
just do me a favor and don't make things up, I don't want my data skewed TT^TT**

optional (additional entries):

- link a journal or poll promoting this raffle (+1 entry)
- tag 3 friends! (+1 entry)
- retweet this raffle here  and comment your Twitter username (+1 entry)
- tell me why you're watching me (+1 entry)


There will be 2 winners, and each can choose between either a refined chibi or a thigh-up sketch/custom design like below --
Lia for Hyanna-Natsu by berrysquidGift: Komomo by berrysquid

(unlocked at 100 entries):

+1 experimental painting

DEADLINE: April 1st, 2017


the entries will be listed here: 400 Watchers Raffle Entries

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! If you have any questions please let me know!

I haven't had much time to draw lately, but this is something I've been wanting to do for ages... SO while I've got enough free time to do this (and in light of everyone's favorite February holiday, Valentines Day), here are some characters I'd like to throw out there~!

Note: I am a picky person. Please know that I do not mean to offend you or your work if I happen to not take interest in your offer.
Thank you for your understanding!


Kiddos that I've found difficult to attach myself to ;w; They need a better home than I can provide~
Offer: already-made characters | art | custom designs
Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 4.23.30 PM by berrysquid (design by Shiina-Yuki) (open species by inma, design by berrysquid)
"Needs Name" (design by Meeluf)
"TBA": (design by me, alternate design by CHIYYO)
**points/money (USD) may be offered for the one on the right; the rest are TRADE ONLY**
**they are in order with higher difficulty on the left**



child with the nice shoes by berrysquid
Name: Camelia (design and ref by berrysquid)
Looking for: boyfriend, MAYBE platonic friends || human only
Sidenote: no connections; top priority
**may or may not RP; will definitely draw when to-do is cleared**

Finley by mintae-chii
Name: Finley (design by kiiyotan, ref by mintae-chii)
Looking for: platonic friends, MAYBE a boyfriend?? || human or kemonomimi
Sidenote: no connections; high priority
**would like to RP but not required; will most likely draw when to-do is cleared**

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 4.38.16 PM by berrysquid

Name: Kai (design, species and ref by Skf-Adopt)
Looking for: platonic friends || kemonomimi, closed species preferred
Sidenote: no connections; not EXTREMELY actively looking for them
**probably won't RP; will definitely draw when to-do is cleared**

At | Berrysquid by riicu

Name: Francesca (design and species by PuniSama, ref by riicu)
Looking for: platonic friends || kemonomimi
Sidenote: has some connections, would like more :>
**probably won't RP; will definitely draw when to-do is cleared**

Thanks for taking a look! If you're interested, leave a comment and I'll get back to you~!

It's not me because I'm about to go into death mode again because school is starting.... BUT!!!!!!!

MY NOT-REALLY-KOUHAI alienvampiredictator IS POSTING ON DA AGAIN!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! Took this kid long enough =w=

She says she might start taking commissions, so if you're sick of waiting for slow snail me to post things (//slapped to the moon and then slapped back) FOLLOW HERRRRR 8D

Here's some of her work~~~

CE: Arjuna by alienvampiredictator

CE: Alraune by alienvampiredictator

A tribute to a very gay figure skating anime by alienvampiredictator

Suri by alienvampiredictator  

Thanks for taking a look! All of you guys are awesome~!
Might join... If I have time... Join with me!

I may or may not be a walking advertisement buT LOOK AT THEM THEY'RE SO CUTE YOU SHOULD ALLLLLLLLL JOIN Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 

My friend stardustsparkles25 has made the decision to leave DeviantArt, and is putting all of their characters up for trade/sale.

Go send your good wishes, and check out all the cute kids!

As some of you may have heard, :iconrewritten-artbook:, an Alice in Wonderland charity art book that will donate its proceeds to cancer research, has opened preorders! There are over 130 pages in this artbook, featuring over 50 artists including Kanekiru, Nyanfood, and sae-midori, who some of you guys may know! I actually wish I could just tag everyone, since there are just so many great artists participating!

Here are some of the lovely previews! Aren't they just stunning?Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1]

     Rewritten: Alice in Wonderland Artbook -PREVIEW- by sae-midori

                   Cyber Confetti by Nyanfood

SOOOOO to get this wonderful artbook before everyone else (because I know you all want to), just click here and check it out!!
Please do note that you must order the White Rabbit tier or higher to get the book, as the March Hare tier and all tiers below it do not include the book itself~

I was actually going to enter the contest myself, but I ended up not having the time.... But that's ok! I'm very content with just looking at this amazing art!

For further information about preorders, please read here:

And finally, if you ABSOLUTELY lack the funds to buy this book, never fear! There is just one more chance to get it! Feel free to take a look!

So something you guys probably haven't known- I had originally been planning to join the Pathways Artbook Contest (I actually got my piece finished, essentially) but at the last minute I decided that I really didn't like it at all and ditched the effort. However, it looks amazing- there are so many wonderful artists featured in this book, and the previews are amazing!! Look at some of the art that's in it 8D

Do visit their storenvy if you're interested! The link is

Also, the group generously decided to hold a giveaway with THREE winners, so please do join! The more people the merrier, after all. If you're a little low on funds right now, this is a great way to join in the fun!

Thank you to those who came!

I'll be streaming: --
quick warning: my net sucks
Happy 15th, dA!

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 11 months- I'm almost at one year now!

  2. What does your username mean? Nothing much, really- I have friends who call me Berry because it rhymes with my real name, so I guess that's how it all started.. Hmm

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Legendary awkward turtle.

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right-handed

  5. What was your first deviation? ahahahaha I remember this                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? For the moment? Pencil sketches LOL because I'm too lazy to do all of the other stages 

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Landscape painting- it would solve soo many of my problems.

  8. What was your first favourite? This gem here                                                                                 Light In The Alley by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Probably digital..?

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? UHHHH OMG THERE ARE JUST SO MANY PEOPLE I REFUSE TO JUST PICK ONE I'm sorry for bothering you guys with notifications oops //sob Rosuuri Maruuki Shiranova Pinlin kawacy Nyanfood sae-midori Jon-Lock Pixiescout Srinitybeast Sylar113  Chendelieu PascalCampion Hetiru Joyfool Picolo-kun Kanekiru Re-SilverFlare  viria13 Meeluf 

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? Anyone from the long list above! They're all huge inspirations to me!

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? ani-cream is the one responsible for my being on dA, so I have to thank her a ton for everything I'm doing here! Also, alienvampiredictator is largely responsible for my getting back into art and is probably the reason I've done anime art at all.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? For now, pencil + paper + eraser, but maybe that'll change as I go more into digital...

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? uhhhh some weird corner of my room???

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? Well, I don't have a single favorite memory, but it makes me really happy when people draw my OCs!

tbh.. Questionnaires make me happy so.. Here you go!
Finally, it has been done! I am holding a raffle of my own!!
A huge thanks to every single one of my watchers for supporting me and the things that I do! I really appreciate every single one of you guys a lot (even if you followed me for reasons.. other than art... BD //slapped)
Anyway, let's get started~

aaaaaand the winners are..... (sorry it looks funny, I was on mobile)
Raffle Results by berrysquid
BUT CONGRATULATIONS TO :iconalienvampiredictator: and :icondarmiyaan: FOR WINNING THIS RAFFLE!! I'll be noting both of you shortly~
Finally, thank you to all who participated!

- favorite this journal and comment that you want to enter to get an entry!
- be nice to each other, always
- you MUST be watching me! 
new watchers are welcome, but if you unwatch me right after the raffle you're banned from future events that I may choose to host; watch me only if you like my work!*
- the winners will be chosen via
- (optional) post your character references here! I want to see what I might be drawing! 

- ONE lucky watcher that I MAY OR MAY NOT choose might get a little something from me (ohoho, who knows)

I will pick a number of winners, who will be able to choose between these prizes. Your choices are:
1. an animated (or static) balloon icon T: Puha by berrysquid
2. a traditional headshot/bust (black and white or colored) <da:thumb id="485023181"/>
3. a digital (cell shaded) headshot/bust T: Leaf-Kun by berrysquid
4. a (simple ish) food icon for those of you who either don't have human OCs or don't want me drawing them Mug Icon by berrysquid
5. an experimental icon/pixel thingy off of a new base (I'm working on a few)

if there are less than 30 entrants, I will have two winners
if there are 30-60 entrants, I'll add a third winner
if there are 60-90 entrants, I'll add a fourth winner
on the off chance it goes above that.. well.. I'll think about where to cap it

1. your first number comes from faving this journal and commenting that you want to join (along with character references)
2. make a journal or poll advertising this raffle (+1)
3. tag 3 friends in your comment (+1)
4. tell me what you like and dislike about my art (+1)

August 8th (I'm lenient on time zones, but if it's the 9th in the last time zone on Earth... There's always next time)

I will be making sure that the established rules are followed (i.e. you're watching me, you've faved the journal, you've commented that you're interested, and the other stuff). I'm only willing to draw humans/kemonomimi characters and foods, so keep that in mind! If there's anything I haven't covered, or any questions you want to ask, just leave a comment and I'll get to you whenever I see it.
gosh I hope people actually enter this

Rules (if you break them, I shall be keeping a blacklist. You have been warned.):
  • I retain the right to refuse anything that comes toward me. That being said, don't try to pay me until I have told you that I will make you the thing you wanted.
  • Only two icons or pagedolls may be ordered at a time by the same person (this makes things easier for me)
  • I may or may not upload things in a batch; just bear with me ok?
  • I will draw:
    • Human OCs (ears/tails are fine AS LONG AS THEY FIT IN THE FRAME)
    • Males OR females
    • Certain backgrounds (nothing too complex, alright?)
  • I will not draw:
    • Couples (unless your order separate icons/pagedolls or unless I specifically say I will)
    • ANYTHING 18+ ( extensive blood and gore, nudity, etc.)
    • Weapons/armor/mecha (at least for the moment)
    • Anthros, furries, or animals
    • Elderly people (sorry sorry, can't figure out how to do that...)
  • IF YOU ARE PAYING BY PAYPAL: PLEASE include your dA username, ALWAYS use the "pay for goods/services" option, and DO NOT PAY THE FEE. I don't want any kind of trouble with this.
  • IF YOU ARE PAYING BY POINTS: DO NOT SEND THEM AS A GIFT/DONATION UNLESS YOU TRULY MEAN TO GIVE ME A GIFT/DONATION. I will set up a widget if you order from me and tell me you want to use points.


Balloon Icons:
$4.00 or 400 points for a static icon, and $5.00 or 500 points for an animated icon
T: Puha by berrysquid Icon Batch No. 1 by berrysquid

Sitting Icons:
$4.00 or 400 points for a static icon, and $5.00 or 500 points for an animated icon
CP: Jing by berrysquid

Character Reference and Name:
Other things you want me to know:
Form of payment (Points or PayPal):
PayPal Email (if you are paying through PayPal):

Slots (anything beyond these will be considered on the "wait list"): currently closed
SOO perhaps some of you may have heard of the Happy! Artbook Project from :iconhappyartbook:
“Happy!” is a charity art book with a goal to raise money and give donations to the American Cancer Society. The art book will feature 35 talented artists and their full color artwork. All of the proceeds will be donated to this wonderful organization!

     The idea and theme behind this art book is essentially about what makes you happy. Sometimes we all focus on the negative aspects in our lives, that we then forget to appreciate about the little things that make us happy. While there may be troubling problems that come up, it is always important to remember that we have experienced happiness and we can go back to that time.

The Artists on this amazing artbook:

:iconkrisppie: :iconseorcery: :iconkisechu: :iconcherriuki: :iconpokeabubble: :iconshengcai: :iconpepapen: :icongalaxase: :iconsayuri-chwan: :iconjauni: :iconpinlin: :iconbanwa: :iconemperpep: :iconxaiisu: :iconh-yde: :icondeliciosaberry: :iconnaomame: :icontomoji: :iconblackrose81: :iconrimehh: :iconraeinni: :iconmeziicherri: :icononedayfour: :iconforgottenpantaloons: :iconjuupion: :iconbrandyrosa: :iconpindanglicious: :iconyuupix: :iconkanoir: :iconannabel-m: :iconkyoukaraa: :icongolden-quince: :icondeeyosa: :iconskunkyfly:

Come check it out!…

This is art from 35 INCREDIBLE artists all in a single place... Definitely worth preordering in my opinion....

This same group is hosting a mini-contest (which I will be joining for sure //winkwonk) to design bookmarks as a preorder bonus! The winner will receive all five winning bookmarks along with a digital copy of the artbook itself! Check it out here~
Happy! Mini ContestContest is closed! Winners will be announced Sunday, July 12.
Deadline: July 10, 2015
Hello, everyone! HappyArtbook is holding a new mini contest! For this contest, you will design bookmarks for the art book, which will go along with the preorder bonuses and will also be available for sale when normal orders for the Happy! art book begins.
**Participating artists may also join the bookmark contest if they like!**
Contest Guidelines:
Theme Description:
The bookmark must portray the idea of what makes you happy or what your definition of happiness is. This can be of a memory, a hobby, an object, or an event. If you are unsure about anything or if you come across any questions while working on your bookmark, feel free to ask!
Dimensions: 2.5" x 6" or 750 x 1800 pixels (must be in portrait orientation)
Format: PSD or JPEG is preferred; 300 dpi, CMYK
*Bookmark will only be one-sided.

Thanks for reading, my friends~


CE: Memory Lane by berrysquid

Since raffles are so fun, I'll just link all the open ones here~

Beautiful art by Yoclesh~

Thingies by the senpai SP-Nova 8D

I will put adopts on sale every once in a while, so I have a few rules to get us started:

Bullet; Pink  PLEASE be nice!!
I really can't picture this being an issue for the moment, but play nice... I refuse to sell to rude people (3 strikes and you are out!!)
Bullet; Blue  When you buy an adopt, you are buying the design. The original piece is still mine; don't repost it anywhere.
Bullet; Pink  When you pay, please actually purchase the design... Don't send a donation unless you genuinely mean it as a donation. Anything to my donation pool will be taken (with gratitude) as a donation, not payment.
if you are the highest bidder when time is up, you have 48 hours to pay. If I do not receive payment before that time is up, I will put the adoption back up for one more day. After that, if nobody outbids the next highest bidder, it will go to the next highest.
Bullet; Pink  I'm fine with you changing small things (gender, hair, color schemes, etc.) but the overall design must remain the same.
Bullet; Blue  If you want to buy and resell, you can only resell for a price equal or lower than what you bought the design for. Also, regarding selling, be sure and tell me first so I can get the owners right?
Bullet; Pink  You can give the design as a gift or trade it as you wish, but again tell me beforehand (preferably through a note).
Bullet; Blue  You can use the design for personal things (just to draw for fun, maybe an icon..) but if you want to make money off anything with that design please ask permission beforehand.
Bullet; Pink 
PLEASE mention my account the first time you post something with the design. After that it's your choice, although I'd love to see what you make out of my ideas.

If you have further questions, ALWAYS feel free to ask